The International Press Academy

The International Press Academy

The 21st Satellite Awards by IPA By Adrienne Papp

Founded in 1996 by Mirjana Van Blaricom, The International Press Academy (IPA) is among the largest and most diverse associations of professional entertainment journalists in the world.With a membership of working press representing both domestic and foreign markets, the IPA reaches a truly global audience via major print, television, radio, cable, new media outlets, and internet pick-ups. More than 20 countries are represented by Read More…..


The International Press Academy Announces Winners By Adrienne Papp

This year the winners for the International Press Academy’s 21st Annual Satellite Awards, for television, motion picture, DVDs, games, and the Special Achievement Award recipients. Certain categories, such as Read More…..

Acorn Submit Consideration for IPA’s Satellite Awards By Adrienne Papp

Acorn Submits to The International Press Academy Members, the following films in various categories for Consideration.As a voting member myself of the International Press Academy for its Annual Satellite Awards, I felt compelled to showcase the nominees by Acorn TV, RLJ Entertainment that stated “It’s an honor to submit for Read More…..

The International Press Academy names Ellen Burstyn and Martyn Burke to receive Major Honors, By Adrienne Papp

Legendary actress Ellen Burstyn and journalist/ novelist/ director Martyn Burke will be on-hand to receive the most prestigious honors bestowed by the International Press Academy, the largest group of entertainment journalists to recognize accomplishments in the film, television and digital entertainment industry. Read More…..

The International Press Academy, 2016, By Adrienne Papp

My favorite event every year is the Satellite Awards given out by The International Press Academy that honors artistic excellence in the areas of Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, and New Media via the Satellite® Awards, Read More…..