Kimber Eastwood in Production for Feature Film, “Trew Calling”

Kimber Eastwood
Kimber Eastwood, Associate Producer of Trew Calling

By Adrienne Papp

Associate Producer Kimber Eastwood, a spitting image of her father, Clint Eastwood, sets out for excellence in cinema by starting initial production of feature length film, Trew Calling!

The film, Trew Calling, a comedic feature starring Kevin Sizemore, Tracey B. Wilson, Brooke Elliott and Lee Meriwether is being directed by Greg Robbins, who is a local, from Amherst, NY.

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Kevin Sizemore

S&G Entertainment in association with NDstudios begins initial production of Trew Calling in Buffalo, NY that is the story of a woman (Trew played by Tracey B. Wilson,) who gets a visit by the Almighty, who asks her to write down everything he says.

He spoke,… she freaked,… and the unbelievable happened!

Tracey B. Wilson
Tracey B. Wilson

Robbins’ called on several Hollywood veteran actors to tell this story led by Kevin Sizemore, who has portrayed many memorable characters from Resurrection, Under the Dome, Stalker, NCIS, 24, Rizzoli & Isles, Drop Dead Diva. Sizemore also stars alongside Jon Voight and Sean Astin in the movie Woodlawn, being released in theaters nationwide by Universal Pictures in 2016.

The lead in this most unique, and truly one of a kind film, is Tracey B. Wilson. She earned a distinguished reputation in her former performance in Guiding Light and All My Children. As a star, she has been called both “a dramatic actor with a flair for comedy,” but also “a quirky comedic actress with a keen understanding of the dramatic,” both of which titles are hard to earn, and are exquisite accomplishments! She will be bringing her versatility to this comedic role opposite Sizemore.

Greg Robbins
Greg Robbins, Director of Trew Calling

When offered the lead male role Sizemore stated, “There’s no way I’m turning down a role written this well.”

Through the casting process Robbins’ associate, Kimber Eastwood, was the one who has found actress/comedian Tracey B Wilson. When Wilson was offered the role Robbins and Eastwood discovered she was a native of Orchard Park, NY.

Wilson say’s “So excited to be coming back to Buffalo, ( where the film is being shot) and be a part of such a hilarious and heartwarming film.”


Brook Elliot
Brooke Elliott

Also joining the cast is Brooke Elliot, star of Drop Dead Diva; Eddie Mekka, a Tony nominated actor best known as The Big Ragu on Lavern & Shirley; and Hollywood film and TV legend Ms. Lee Meriwether.

The Trew Calling production runs from May 26 through June 19.

The entire production is being produced in Western New York with Buffalo based production crew provided by NDStudios and several roles played by Buffalo based actors.

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Kimber Eastwood
Kimber Eastwood



About Kimber Eastwood:

Film Producer and Make-Up Artist Kimber Eastwood is a seasoned professional who grew up in the entertainment industry. She is the daughter of legendary actor Clint Eastwood and (actress/dancer) Roxanne Tunis. Having the Eastwood name comes with opportunities and challenges but Kimber realized that having a famous father will open doors, but not necessarily guarantee success. Her training and entrepreneurial skills as a make-up artist allowed her the opportunity to take her talent in a different direction.

Roxanne Tunis and Clint Eastwood
Roxanne Tunis and Clint Eastwood

Since 2008, Kimber added a new chapter to her career as a film producer. She has produced several films with many more projects in different genres coming in the near future.

Kimber Eastwood
Kimber Eastwood


Production of Trew Calling
Production of Trew Calling

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