TheCream: the Most Sought After Natural Skin Care Products with Colostrom

The Honorable Cause Behind the Most Sought After Natural Skin Care, Simply: ‘theCream’

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By Adrienne Papp


It all began with a single desire to create the best, healthiest skin care products available, a skin care line that would promote youthful, ageless, and natural beauty in women without the use of chemicals that are typically found in most commercially available skin related products. Rather, the immense and heartfelt intent to give birth to a line of products that would allow a woman to feel beautiful without possibly endangering her health was the motivating factor for Denie Hiestand, when he made a commitment to change the industry.

Denie Hiestand, a natural health consultant, author, research expert, and successful former New Zealand dairy farmer is the man behind a line of extraordinary skin care products that have become simply known as ‘theCream’. Denie had developed a successful business as a natural health consultant and later realized that after decades of studying the skin and advances in cancer research and its relationship to toxins/chemicals in everyday cosmetics and personal care products, commercial skin creams might actually be more damaging than they were helpful. “I realized that environmental chemical toxins led to self-induced diseases like cancer and hormonal disruption,” Hiestand says. “I was able to identify along with the latest anti-aging cancer research, a strong link between the high usage of chemical personal care products and the growing rates of cancers, infertility, hormonal imbalances, allergies and various other modern day illnesses. That was all I needed to know! I eventually took all my clients off commercial skin creams and looked really close into the core of this ever growing issue.”

But he also recognized that women needed something that would help them feel beautiful from the inside out, that youthful and ageless feeling, while not using something potentially injurious to their health. When a client with breast cancer suggested that he try to create something that would allow women to feel beautiful while not causing any harm, – that desire became the inspiration for Hiestand to develop something that would enhance, not degrade, their health!

He ignited his extraordinary talent and intuition and started heavily researching the field of skin care and cancer research breakthroughs. Hiestand’s earlier study of quantum physics, anti-aging strategies and anti-aging skin care research allowed him to begin his journey. After much experimentation he designed a product, based on the natural life-giving substance called colostrum and anti-aging essential oils. A truly unique and genius discovery one hundred percent trusted, given its long history with mankind, has made all the difference. The urge to return to nature and a youthful and ageless lifestyle is truly what the new millennium is about for all of us. Recognizing that, Hiestand created ‘theCream’ that literally works magic. This best anti-aging cream is becoming a household item.

“I became very interested in the dynamics of human health, the latest anti-aging research, breast cancer research, neuroscience, and quantum physicspertaining to how the body works, what causes diseases, how the body responds to diseases, and how it recovers,” Hiestand says. “I became very well trained in the natural health modalities and the latest anti-aging findings and the art of using the transfer of energy in treating illness in a very hands on way. Many years and clients later, I decided I wanted to solve one of the biggest problems in women’s health today, which constitutes chemically induced toxicity through the skin. And I found out that colostrum, one of the richest, most life-giving substances on earth and one of the most powerful anti-aging foods known, was the key in the creation of a truly healthy skin care product!” Colostrum is one of nature’s most powerful and nutritious substances, a form of milk produced by mammals (including humans) to help provide all the essential ingredients needed in the first 72 hours. of life.


Colostrum is the starter of life,” Hiestand says. “It’s the only substance we know of with every component needed to nourish every one of the ten trillion cells contained in a body at birth. Colostrum turns everything on in a newborn, turns on the immune system and all other functions that sustain new life. It’s a powerful, life-giving compound.”

Convinced he had come across the basis of something that could truly promote healthy skin, without harmful, disease inducing toxins, Hiestand began to experiment with colostrum. He bought a kilo of pure colostrum that had been produced in one of the most environmentally pure places on earth, the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It turns out all the cows in New Zealand are grass fed, calve naturally and that region of the country is the place where colostrum had been developed for the pharmaceutical industry in the country. “They have a very advanced dairy industry in New Zealand, the most advanced in the world,” Hiestand says, “so it makes sense that New Zealand would lead the way in terms of colostrum utilization.”

TheCream for Men

Hiestand received a testimonial recommendation from a skin care specialist in Australia, who told him that ‘theCream’ is the best healthy, anti-aging cream and is the only product that people should use to promote healthy skin for their entire lives. “What we were beginning to find out about colostrum as we did more and more youthful ageless research was profound,” Hiestand explains.

Initially Hiestand wasn’t making his skin care products for the commercial market, but rather for his breast cancer clients, who needed to rebuild their skin after radiation and surgery. “We found we could bring back really damaged skin that was dry and horribly wrinkled to a healthy state in about 3-4 months. And then women began using it on their faces and their entire body, which worked miracles, and all of a sudden it was ‘Oh, my God, my wrinkles are gone.’ They kept wanting more of this youthful and healthy option, and we finally got a little company going.”

Hiestand found a facility in northern Montana, also an environmentally pure region of the country, and began experimenting with ways to manufacture a colostrum based skin care line that would meet his most stringent requirements. “We grew from a small room in the back of a supplement company to a fully-fledged, fully FDA approved manufacturing plant in Montana.

Denie Hiestand, Creator of theCream
Denie Hiestand, Creator of theCream

At the time there were only three people who knew what the formulas were for our products. Montana has some of the purest water and clean air anywhere on Earth, and this allows us to manufacture our formulations under pristine conditions. When we manufacture our products we want to get as much of an electrical charge, as much life as we can into the molecular structure of our cream in order for it to provide the best bio-availability at the cell level.”

In manufacturing his products, Hiestand looks at every ingredient and every component intensively. He slowly developed his base formula, starting with one colostrum-based cream, and then, with demand, added other formulas for the eyes, hands and other applications. “We began adding various organic, cold pressed, anti-aging essential oils and other natural actives for a range of products that we eventually developed. In the beginning we were doing very small batches of about 50 tubes. But the goal was always the same in keeping to the idea that healthy cells create healthy skin and healthy skin is beautiful skin.”



As he eventually developed his skin care line that now includes eleven different products, Hiestand had created a product group that is unique in the world. It’s the first skin care line that uses colostrum as the core ingredient, and the quantum physics of how cells interact to perfect the most bioactive, non-chemical skin care cream on the global market. And, they have no competition, taken that only Hiestand took the time to understand the miraculous workings of colostrum. And, he is using it as high of a concentration as 85%.


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YouthfulandAgeless™, An Honorable Cause

“When I developed this product line it had to pass my very simple 3-step test,” Hiestand explains. “I was determined that these products would contain not one molecule of non-life giving compounds, and of every product I asked myself if I would eat it. The answer would have to be yes. Then I asked myself would I feed it to a child, and that would have to also be yes. And finally I asked if I would be comfortable in feeding it to a newborn. And if that was a yes too, then I was secure that what I was making was not only healthy, but also safe. These are products with a different level of bioactivity, made from a different level of thinking, which sets in motion a whole new perspective and paradigm where the first ingredient is one of the most life-giving substance known to science. It’s designed to provide perfect homeostasis in the skin.”



Lip Moisturizer

Once in production, the product line adopted the simple name of ‘theCream’. “We didn’t need a fancy name, since it’s a very simple but very effective product. “We wanted to have some fun with the packaging and decided to use the brand image of a pink cow to honor New Zealand colostrum and breast cancer prevention, as well as inverting the name ‘theCream’, because we are turning the skin care industry on its head” That’s just some fun we had with the package design,” Hiestand says. “If I can put a smile on someone’s face when they are looking at my product, then I’ve made the world a slightly happier place.” ‘theCream’ is also known for the whimsical listing of its other key ingredient, the “0% Bull” that’s clearly indicated on each of his products. “That’s to let people know that we are absolutely not using some manipulation of nature called chemicals with any of our skin care products.”

As a skin care line that is so pure, effective, life giving, and contains anti-aging breakthroughs, ‘theCream’ has been received enthusiastically wherever it has been available. ‘theCream’ is currently the number one product line of its type in New Zealand, and has an impressive international fan base, with retailers throughout the Mideast, Europe and many other parts of the world. “We also talking with a distribution company in China with 4,000 retail outlets, which is a very exciting opportunity for us,” Hiestand says.

My Favorite Hand Cream Ever

The company has also attracted the attention of woman everywhere, including Shala Mata, who was so impressed with the effectiveness of ‘theCream’ that she became a partner in the company. A breast cancer survivor who first came across the health science books published by Denie Hiestand and then the newly developed product line, Mata became an enthusiastic endorser of the product.

“I had gotten very ill due to a self-induced lifestyle; in my case it was a very rigid vegetarian/raw food diet that had deprived me of protein and essential fatty acids,” Matasays. “I had read Denie’s books and finally met him and got an early sample of what was to become ‘theCream.’ When I held the bottle and applied it I could just feel the energy in it, and I intuitively knew that I should apply it to my breast. I did that and also used it on my face, and in combination with a detoxing, cleansing diet I felt a significant change in my health, and I know ‘theCream’ played a big role in that, in feeding the cells and helping me to get healthy again. By reading Denie’s book, changing my diet and with the help of ‘theCream’ I am as healthy as a thoroughbred today!” With her new state of health also came a direct involvement in the company, and as a partner, Mata is very involved in running the company and helping spread the word about the products she so enthusiastically vouches for. “Because of what Denie was trying to do for women, to give them something that would make them feel beautiful, youthful and ageless without adding chemical toxins into their systems through the skin, I decided I wanted to be part of the company and spread the word about these simple, beautifully made products,” Mata explains.

Repair and Rejuvenate Maybe the biggest challenge for the young company is to educate people and specifically woman about the liabilities of using heavily marketed chemical based skin care products that are part of a high profile $20 billion cosmetic industry.

“We know now, after having studied many products that were introduced back in the nineteen-fifties, that the skin is the largest absorptive organ of the human body,” Mata explains, “and that what is applied topically on the skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. If you are applying chemical compounds that are made to cause inflammation this will in the short term appear to reduce wrinkles, but our cells don’t recognize as nutrients, those compounds are stored and eventually can and do cause serious health problems for the user. I like to think of ‘theCream’ the way Denie does: as a symphony of perfect ingredients, which, when put on the skin the body intuitively recognizes as a harmonious combination of elements and would know that “song” and the body can take those in and use for nutrition. And, in keeping with Denie’s philosophy, our main goal has never been about profit margins or the bottom line. It’s always been about creating something that is a healthy option for women, and yet it would also make them feel beautiful.”


Body Elixir Oil

As the world becomes ever more conscious of the fallacies and dangers in marketing and advertising, especially in the skin care industry, it’s encouraging to know that there are products that have been created only to enhance the beauty and health of women in a simple and effective way, such as ‘theCream’! As women become more educated about the beauty industry and the effects of topical treatments designed to promote youth and beauty it’s only a matter of time before they come around to our healthy anti-aging products and the wonderful life-giving compounds they contain. But, as with everything, it’s just a matter of trying it. I myself have been in awe ever since I first applied it. I experienced instantaneous and visible results where nothing has ever helped before. The most unbelievable experience was when I finally took that extra two minutes out of my crazy busy life and applied ‘theCream’ not only on my face, neck, eyes and hands, but also on my entire body. You can just feel life and youthful ageless health pouring into you and the day felt different. Since that amazing day, I am not looking at the 2 minutes or even 10 minutes as a hurry-up-time, but rather how blessed I am to have met Denie and Shala and the very simple God given miracle ‘theCream’.

I also find it a lot of fun looking at the design. I keep the tubes in the boxes because the packaging is exquisite and it gives you enough fun to lift the day. My friends to whom I have showed this newly discovered love-at-first-sight cream just love the 0% Bull remark on the packaging, which not only goes perfect with Hiestand’s sense of humor, but this time folks: it happens to be true!Stay tuned as we follow the life of ‘theCream’! This is an honorable cause, and I believe you will find that it is not a coincidence Mother Earth has given us her healthy and human-compatible natural goodies, but also we just need to realize what is right in front of our eyes. Denie Hiestand looked at the world with the eyes of a genius and has discovered the invisible! And he continues on his path contributing to a better world by helping millions. If you become part of it, expect a change for the better in your own life! It is not just ‘theCream’, it is also You!