AN HONORABLE CAUSE by Founder Lady Adrienne Papp of Youthful and Ageless™ by Atlantic Publicity, Because You Have a Story™

CH2: Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty – by Denie Hiestand
Most of us think that being honorable means doing the right thing for others, and that’s true. But the most honorable action is being true to ourselves, honoring this body we live in, honoring our being-ness, our life, our being alive. Yes, we only really have our bodies in which to experience this life. Everybody and everything else is outside of us – add-ons, accompaniments. Sure, those all make life way more meaningful for us, but they are only extensions of our own experiences. All our loves, joys, sorrows, fun and laughter, everybody and everything we experience outside of ourselves can only be experienced because we are we, us, living in this body of ours. Without this body that is us, we have no experience on this earth. Well, not that we remember anyhow.


And what is one of the most important things to all of us? To feel that we look good — to feel we are beautiful. Really, it’s true. How many of you look back at yourselves in the mirror each morning and wish you looked better — hair better, eyes not so squinty, skin smoother, and damn those wrinkles, or whatever? Isn’t all that self-criticism just a way of saying to ourselves we want to look good? Sure it is; and that’s okay. In fact it’s perfect. It’s the way it should be. We all want that youthful and ageless thing going on. It’s natural. All creatures experience it. It’s in our genetic makeup to feel that we look good.


Look at how animals and birds preen themselves and each other. And it’s not only to keep themselves and others clean; it really is so that they feel that they look good. My schizo cat just loves for me to rub her back hard, up and down. I love to finish with an up stroke to leave her coat all mucked up and going the wrong way just to see her reaction. She shakes herself, and then licks herself until all the hair is put back right and neat. Then the little prima donna, looks into the mirror — really looks at herself — and if one hair on her head is out of place, she will use her paw and gently make it right. She will look at herself over and over and do slight adjustments to her coat until she is happy with the way she looks. True story. Then she will just sit there, two inches away from the mirror, looking at herself, and purr. That cat!


So you see ladies, you haven’t got this ‘have to look good’ thing all to yourselves.


However, that youthful, anti-aging and beauty desire goes much deeper into our genetic makeup. When we strip away all our outer levels of consciousness, belief structures, and social patterning, that need to feel beautiful is completely related to finding a mate and breeding. Yes, really. The core of our wanting to feel beautiful is all to do with sex. And it has to be. That is the base genetic code that drives all living creatures. Without it, no species would survive. However, we mere males have it a bit less complicated when it comes to the genetically- coded breeding thing. We just want to be the biggest, strongest, bravest, loudest male in the herd. Damn civilization: It’s taken half the fun out of being a man. Now we have to be all genteel like, sophisticated, gentlemanly, suave and debonair. Oh for the good old days when we boys snuck into the other tribe, grabbed the hot young things by the hair, and dragged them back to our camp. Real men we was. JUST KIDDING! I know, I know. Can’t help myself sometimes. LOL.


But really, think about our genetic coding. Even today, young girls are attracted to the bad boy, the leader of the pack and all that. Ever seen young girls at a rock concert? Their behavior is that genetic coding thing working perfectly. They all want sex with the lead singer — every one of them. The breeding urge is still so strong in all of us, and the survival of the fittest is still a significant part of our genetics, so it’s natural that some girls will be drawn to the biggest, strongest, bravest, loudest boy. Totally natural and normal. But as parents, we hate it when our daughters act upon their deep, natural instincts and go for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Oh well, get over it, Dad! At least you know that her body is healthy enough to be in touch with her genetic coding. And hey, who are we to judge? It might just be the perfect match.


Okay, now we know that wanting to feel beautiful, and the desire to spend copious amounts of money on the latest anti-aging discoveries, trying to live the perfect anti-aging lifestyle, and using all the anti-aging strategies we can, is not vanity after all. It really is the most natural and, arguably, the most powerful genetically-coded behavior we can express. The urge to feel youthful and ageless and thus beautiful, is our base make up; therefore, let’s own it, and most of all, honor it — all of it — and ourselves. Because we are all truly worth it. Wanting to feel beautiful is An Honorable Cause™, which was introduced by Youthful and Ageless™ as it’s tagline.


Now that we understand the why of wanting to be beautiful, youthful, and ageless™, we had better understand the how in order to achieve what is the most natural desire.


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