A TOUCH OF ASPEN IN NORTH CAROLINA Discover breathtaking Grey Rock at Lake Lure surrounded by North Carolina’s world famous Blue Ridge Mountains.

By Adrienne Papp

Imagine for a moment discovering a resort location that offers all the scenic beauty of Aspen, Colorado, but without the over development and a much greater upside for investment, which should be long term, stable and steady. That description ? ts a relatively undiscovered luxury resort located in North Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains called Grey Rock. This 4,000-acre development offers all the scenic wonders of a national park, and tremendous potential for homeowners and investors. It’s an area that’s been compared to Aspen in terms of natural splendor, but with a mountainous location that makes it immune from invasive development. Grey Rock is located in southwestern North Carolina near Asheville. It’s a landscape of scenic waterfalls, numerous streams and what National Geographic called “one of the most beautiful manmade lakes in the world,” Lake Lure. “The area also has a mild climate, four distinct seasons and some of the most breathtaking views in the country,” says Ron Berg, managing partner of investment consulting ? rm RnR Solutions, which has been active in Grey Rock. With its national park-like atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Home and Garden selected Grey Rock for their Dream Home of the Year. Filmmakers have also used the area to shoot movies like Dirty Dancing, The Last of the Mohicans and many others. Grey Rock will include two clubhouses, multiple pools,

tennis courts, an equestrian center, three helipads, parks, pavilions, libraries and a multitude of hiking, biking, and horse trails. There are also approximately 50 nearby golf courses and great ski slopes within an hour’s drive. Nearby Asheville, a 30-minute drive from Grey Rock, offers all the ? ne dining and nightlife anyone could want. From an investment point of view, the story only gets better. “We’re excited about the returns Grey Rock has generated,” says Berg. “Most have exceeded 100%, with the lowest being 40% on a property for a 7-month hold period. Another big advantage at the resort is that there are no requirements to build, no minimum hold period, and no restrictions on resales.” With those advantages, it’s especially attractive for Europeans who are bene? ting from advantageous exchange rates these days. Grey Rock is shaping up to have the potential that Aspen had thirty years ago. It’s a place that attracts buyers not only for its beauty and sense of serenity and privacy, but also for its economic potential. And, with its mountainous location, the area will never have to worry about being spoiled by over development or crowds. Courtesy weekend getaways are currently o? ered to the HGTV Dream Home for interested parties and investors. For more information please call 201.723.5171 or visit www.rnr-solutions.com

“When I saw the script of the first film,I told my daughter (and the films’co-producer Federica Lucisano) not to let it get away,nomatter what the cost.” — Fulvio Lucisano, IIF founder and president

and older viewers who grew up during that period.The sequel tells a similar story in a contemporary setting and features most of the same cast. Both were huge successes at the boxoffice and with critics.“Notte prima degli esami”was the third-top-grossing Italian film in 2006,taking in $24 million total, earning more in Italy than Hollywood films such as the animated hit “Cars”and Woody Allen’s “Match Point.”The sequel
also did well,finishing among the top 10 films of the year,becoming the first Italian film to earn more than $1 million on opening night and earning just under $20 million before its run was finished. “When I saw the script of the first film, I told my daughter (and the films’co-producer Federica Lucisano) not to let it get away,no matter what the cost,”recalls IIF founder and president Fulvio Lucisano. “But I can’t say I knew it would be as popular as it was.”The film is even being remade in France,according to Lucisano. Producers in other markets have also inquired about the rights. Fausto Brizzi,the writer and director of both films,was also surprised by the films’ massive success.“I had in mind a kind of ‘Italian Graffiti,’”he says,referring to George Lucas’classic 1973 film.“I knew the story was a good one.But you never know what is going to resonate with the public.” Neither Lucisano nor Brizzi rule out the possibility of a third installment in a few years.“At first,Brizzi said he didn’t want to make a sequel,”Lucisano says,“but then,when I started to go ahead with the project using a different writer and director,he changed his mind and came along, which is what we wanted all along.” — Eric J.Lyman
Congratulations to Fulvio Lucisano for his achievement in 50 years of showbiz