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We are currently airing our editorial message every day / month and gaining the attention of 241 + million affluent viewers and subscribers on the Fox Business Network, Oxygen, and the Travel Channel.

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Youthful and Ageless Presented by Fox Business News in Prime Time Nationwide in the following segments 7 am to 10 am.
1) The Journal Editorial Report,

2) Bob Massi is the Property Man

3) Strange Inheritance

4) WST At Large with Gerry Baker

Youthful and Ageless Presented by The Travel Channel in Prime Time Nationwide from 8 am to 3 pm in the following segments

1) These Woods Are Haunted

2) A Haunting

3) Paranormal Survivor

4) Cities of the Underworld

5) Scariest Night of My Life

6) Mysteries at the Museum

7) The Dead Files

8) Ghost Adventures

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TV Broadcast Logs for The Travel Channel.



We Have Over 10,000 Visitors And Nearly Half a Million Followers on Various Social Media Platforms and Ongoing Exposure on Various Networks, Radio Channels, and Airlines as Listed Below.

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