A brief summary of our segment on various TV networks Hyperlink

A brief summary of our segment on various TV networks;

how publicity really works;

and why this is the ONLY way for small companies, practitioners and entrepreneurs to achieve much deserved ongoing and lasting results and attention by being broadcasted every single day on Television reaching a massive target demographics.

Our segment of Youthful and Ageless; Editor’s Choice: Best of the Best ; America’s Most Promising Companies, is in print, but it also airs on various TV and Cable Networks editorially.


You can see our segment by clicking on the educational video message above. We air this every day as seen in the broadcast log section.

Our Digital Branding Anti-Aging Platform has a simple and sophisticated approach, which is what the consumer wants. This is being taught at Universities as “Creating a Pleasant Consumer Journey and Consumer Satisfaction.”  This is achieved by directing your target audience in an easy way and allow them to discover (key) you and buy your products and services, book appointments, etc… within one to two clicks.

 Our segment allows you, – by definition of the title, – to speak directly to your targeted affluent demographics that are searching for you but cannot find you because they do not know what is on the market in this ever developing and new industry.

When it comes to letting the World know what you are passionate about, we have overcome the biggest obstacles in any promotional efforts, but especially in the field of anti-aging solutions and discoveries. We are continuously promoting you, which resolves your marketing needs for once and for all. You never need to spend dollars on PR, Ads, AI, or any type of promotion again. With a one-time production from us you are set for life due to our sophisticated platform: by leveraging technology we keep your consumers informed at all times and get your printed story up on the air every day.

The purpose is to reverse all negative experiences that I have seen in the world of marketing due to the fact that

a) consumers do not remember names, especially when there is a “foreign” word or difficult spelling in the commercial;

b) there is never a long-term continuity due to expenses involved, especially with high-end media; it is not affordable even for big companies;

c) the demographics is not pre-qualified for it to be “laser sharp” TARGETED; and with a single and simple focus; a simple message that intrigues the viewer and gets their attention within 7 seconds;

d) the message is not editorial;

e) the “campaign” is not creating a pleasant consumer journey and consumer convenience; a simple platform where consumers who are interested in anti-aging technologies of all kinds can land and discover what is real and what is not in the jungle of the internet.

f) the message does not come from a trusted source, which would be a printed and distributed publication, available at newsstands and Barnes and Noble’s, etc… for purchase every month, which keeps your message fresh monthly;  while simultaneously broadcasting a memorable informative editorial style message on Cable TV and Networks on a non-stop-bases. The Internet naturally follows both of the above high-end venues but is not the primary source!

Yes, we are story tellers because that is how consumers relate to you, which makes them emotionally engaged therefore they seek you out by association to a story.  Additionally, we also syndicate our journalistic editorials to thousands of media outlets as presented below;

g) The message is too complex, and the consumer loses attention;

h) We are the only publicity company offering this hands-on and personable approach, which after two decades in this business I have personally experienced to be the only workable solution. Especially in modern day marketing. 

We take pride in working with you on an ongoing basis and offering you truly the best or nothing.  We have invested our hearts and souls, and years in development when we created this unique platform. We also made sure that with us you have options according to your marketing budget. We offer workable solutions tailored to your needs. 

We do believe in editorials only, your consumers do not want to be “sold to,” but rather they care about your human element story. Consumers relate to YOU first and then trust the services and products you have to offer. By association to your unique story they connect with you and remember you. An emotional connection must be established, which is why writing skills are crucial to your success.  Without a substantiated written legacy (full length editorial) it is nearly impossible to get you on the air. Yet that is what is needed the most.

Those who are presented on this next generational platform will enjoy the recognition by all search engines and the consumers for years to come. We are presenting you every day to your very own clientele; we extend the life of your exposure indefinitely.

Join us on this educational journey! With us you will be discovered! 

With my kindest personal regards,

Because You Have a Story!

Adrienne Papp Enterprises
Adrienne Papp

Tel: 310.451.7403
Cell: 917.678.4017

President of Atlantic Publicity and Atlantic Publisher.

Feature Editor and Anti-Aging Editorial Director of Hollywood Weekly;

President of the Youthful and Ageless™ Digital Branding Platform

Master of Science in Economics and Logistics /Publicist/Journalist / MBA / Marketing and Advertising Executive / NYU / UCLA;
Guest Professor at Oxford University;
Director and Producer of TV and
Airline On Camera Editorials;
Managing Editorial Director of The Beverly Hills Times Magazine;
She was knighted and became a Dame in 2010. Her official name is Lady Adrienne Papp and Dame Adrienne Papp.
Voting Member of The International Press Academy and The Oscars: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Publicist ImdbPro.com

The Youthful and Ageless platform was exclusively developed by Adrienne Papp single handedly both in terms of concept and funding.

We are passionate about creativity and education! Take one of our books to read at night, watch television you grew up with, take your supplements, and leave the rest to us. We will see you on various editorial and educational channels.

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