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Dr. Felicia Stoler, an Extraordinary Humanitarian with an Extraordinary Story

By Adrienne Papp
Looking at Felicia Stoler’s credentials in the fields of heath and nutrition, it would seem that there’s really nothing she hasn’t done, no high profile program or national media outlet that she hasn’t contributed too. With her academic background and depth of experience in health-related subjects, Stoler has been a contributor to virtually every national talk and variety show, has hosted the American version of Read More…..


Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty, A Best Seller from Denie Hiestand

By Adrienne Papp
You would think that when it comes of health, beauty and anti-aging and everything that can be said about those subjects has already been said. Every month, dozens of women’s (and some men’s) magazines feature an endless series of Read More…..


The Best Skin Care Line in the World, Fytofontana, Has Arrived to the United States

Aging. It’s the inevitable condition that all human beings face and that annoying “thing” that we all dread. Recent advances in anti-aging technology have made some of the aging symptoms much less severe, and healthier lifestyles mean that many of us will be able to continue to lead active, youthful lives well into our later years. Read More…..


Dr. Oz, the Doctor Most Recognized as a Television Personality, but is he really?

By Adrienne Papp
Everybody knows Dr. Oz.One’s of TV’s most popular daytime talk show host, Mehmet Cengiz Oz is also a cardiothoracic surgeon and author, who has become a very popular TV personality, offering medical advice and therapies involving alternative medicine. Read More…..


Scientific & Medical Research Related to Colostrum. 

“ Colostrum is an amazing resource of substances necessary to support the development and repair of cells and skin tissue, ”  Read more…..


The Oleomed Difference

Extra virgin olive oil has been an integral part of the healthy Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. The Oleomed brand is unique in blending a pharmaceutical grade of this natural product as a delivery agent with various health supplements so…Click here to Continue

Olive Oil Digestion and Nutrient Bioavailability NEWS AND EVENTS

You can now find all of the Oleomed formulas at the Beehive Natural Foods store at 6490 Bird Road, Miami, FL 33155. This well established store opened in a much smaller location 35 years ago and continues to be …Click here to Continue

The Honorable Cause Behind the Most Sought After Natural Skin Care, Simply: ‘theCream’

By Adrienne Papp
It all began with a single desire to create the best, healthiest skin care products available, a skin care line that would promote youthful, ageless, and natural beauty in women without the use of…Click here to Continue


Outstanding and Honorable Companies and Organizations We are Passionate About


Five Negative Thought Patterns Than Can Affect How Fast We Age

People spend tens of thousands of pounds to try to make themselves look younger – be it through expensive anti-wrinkle cream, botox or hair transplants. But, what if all that we needed to do was amend our way of thinking?. Elizabeth Blackburn, the Nobel-winning scientist and health psychologist Elissa Epel have researched the effect on telomeres for ….Click here to continue 


The Newest Launch from Clarisonic Is About to Make You Look Years Younger

What was once a stand-alone innovation in the skin care realm has now become commonplace on most vanities, and it’s safe to say that Clarisonic paved the way for sonic cleansing devices everywhere. The difference in skin’s purity when cleansing with an oscillating brush versus with your hands or a cloth is unrivaled….Click here to continue 



Here’s the thing about celebrities: We know they have access to the best products in existence, but they’ll rarely tell you the good stuff they’re using. It might be because they’re contracted by a big beauty brand not to mention anything else, or because they have their own line to promote, or perhaps they just want to keep a really good secret product, an actual secret….Click here to continue 


How Immune Decline Hastens Aging

According to a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic, a surprising number of aging people suffer from a condition in which tiny areas of their brain become oxygen deprived. This vascular deficit sharply increases risk of stroke, dementia, and cognitive impairment. Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent and may help reverse it…Click here to continue 


Life Extension, Foundation for Longer Life

The forefront of medical research, constantly looking for ways to prolong youth, health, investing more than $140 million to find therapies and technologies…Click here to continue 


Ron Teeguarden’s Botanicals

How to stay youthful and live an anti-aging, powerful and creative life…Click here to continue 


How to Stay Young & Hot Forever: Advice from a 96-Year-Old Grandma

My grandma was always the hottest commodity in her town, and in any town for that matter. Perhaps it is the way she flirted and posed for the camera, even winking as she adorably crossed her legs slowly and deliberately for each photo from age six to 96,Click here to continue 


Anti-aging Therapies, Top 6 Anti-aging Breakthroughs

Dozens of beauty products have hit the market, but do any of them truly deliver?  The experts are asked to separate the science from the hype…Click here to continue 


Low Vitamin D in Childhood Linked to Heart Risks Later in Life, and Raises Adults’ Risk of Severe Stroke and Cancer

Researchers such as Dr. Robert Heaney, who I previously interviewed in the above video, have now realized that vitamin D is involved in the biochemical “machinery” of all cells and tissues in your body, which is why it has such a potent impact on health and disease. By Dr. Mercola….Click here to continue


First Step’ Toward Anti-Aging Drug; Experimental med may help immune system fight elderly related diseases

Researchers could be closing in on a “fountain of youth” drug that can delay the effects of aging and improve the health of older adults, a new study suggests…Click here to continue 


Sleep Well with Michael Breus, PhD, ABSM, The Anti-Aging Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

I don’t have to give you a ton of statistics to prove how hard we try to stay young, energetic, and beautiful. 

Just consider the number of energy drinks on store shelves, the popularity of Starbucks (which, just this week announced plans to add new drinks or drink sizes that better meet the needs of kids or teens), dramas like Nip/Tuck, and reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover and the newer Dr. 90210, which definitely fulfills a few stereotypes about women seeking the perfect, buxom body in a city like L.A…. Click here to continue


Skin Care Tips to Get the Glow, 7 Anti-Aging Foods for Your Skin, Eat these for glowing, healthy skin.

Smooth, radiant skin is something everyone wants. While there’s no magic bullet, the food you eat, along with a healthy lifestyle, can help stall some of the visible signs of aging…Click here to continue


A Basic Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine,You can simplify your daily anti-aging routine and still look great. Here’s how.

“In the morning, you have oil and dust on your face from sleeping, and in the evening, you have to wash off sunscreen, makeup, dirt, and pollen,”… Click here to continue 


More Hope In A Jar?  The Anti-Aging Skin Care Promise

From magazines and newspapers to web pages and online blogs, it is hard to miss the promises being made for products designed for beauty and skin care…Click here to continue 


Kris Kristofferson Reveals How he Came Out on Top Versus Memory Loss

Kris Kristofferson says he’s lucky to be able to remember his song lyrics nowadays so he can keep performing despite his battle with memory loss ( Huffington Post) …..Click here to continue


Cap that could beat insomnia by cooling your brain down

By Fiona Macrae for The Daily Mail, UK…, Click here to continue 


The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

The Future of Medicine Today…Click here to continue


The World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine

Global Life Expectancy up By 6 Years since 1990, By Douglas Main  ….Click here to continue


Professor Luc Montagnier, and Osato International 

Prof. Luc Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize…Click here to Continue 


Biomedicine: The Anti-Aging Pill

Facing a long wait for evidence, a longevity researcher takes an unusual path to market. by Karen Weintraub February 3, 2015

Click here to Continue

Learn about The Value of theCream® You rightly ask. Why do our products cost a bit more than some?

It’s a good question and you deserve an honest answer, so here it is…Click here to Continue

Straight Talk

In writing this I have no intention of making any medical claims or diagnoses. I am writing this as I live in a western democracy (the USA) which claims ‘free speech’, as pertaining to the sharing of ones thoughts, knowledge and insights as a basic tenant and right in that democracy…Click here to Continue

theCream® is the Only Biologically Alive Skincare in the World

100% Natural – 0% Bull ‘theCream’ only uses pure and effective natural ingredients. No chemicals. No heavy metals. No mineral oil. No petrochemicals. No alcohol. No parabens. No preservatives. No fillers. No added water. All formulations are…Click here to Continue

Former New Zealand Dairy Farmer unlocks Anti-Aging and Skin Health secrets.

Authored by a highest level ‘big phama’ research scientist, who wishes to remain anonymous.The market research firm Global Industry Analysts, projects that a boomer-fueled consumer base will push the worldwide market for anti-aging products from approximately $80 Billion now to more than $114 Billion by 2015..Click here to Continue

Anti-aging and Politics: Break Free from the Shackles of Illusion

By Denie Hiestand
Anti-aging, we all want it, some of us spend way too much money trying to make it happen, and most of us are in denial when it does not happen. Reality would suggest we are all living an illusion, in a very deluded state of mind…Click here to Continue

Health 2000 Product of the Week

By Alison (Health 2000)
Are you aware of quantum physics? All I knew about quantum physics was from an ’80s TV show called Quantum Leap…Click here to Continue

Mammograms: For one saved, three over treated

Review Journal in Las Vegas (October 30, 2012)
In an article that appeared in today’s Review Journal in Las Vegas (October 30, 2012), the heading read, “Mammograms: For one saved, three over treated”…Click here to Continue


The Skin Story

By Denie Hiestand
Your skin… did you know your skin is one big absorbable organ? Yes in some ways a big sponge. That’s why your Dr. prescribes a patch with chemicals and drugs in it to get all sorts of things into your body and blood…Click here to Continue


Your Skin’s Summer Needs

By Denie Hiestand
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! That’s what we are told to do to keep our bodies alive and healthy and to help our skin stop from drying up. But it is impossible to hydrate our skin from the outside in – otherwise we could get all the hydration we need…Click here to Continue


Learn about The Value of theCream®

You rightly ask. Why do our products cost a bit more than some? It’s a good question and you deserve an honest answer, so…Click here to Continue

Our Cream is Using Colostrum, Not Water

Colostrum: Nature’s Superfood “Colostrum is an amazing resource of substances”.Alfred Fox, Ph.D., & Anthony Kleinsmith, Ph.D. theCream is a revolutionary way of…Click here to Continue










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