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We hear a lot about academic research results, but most of the time it’s only sporadically and not consistent. What a lot of us would like to hear is updates on the progress being made almost every day in so many research areas.

Every two and a half minutes another person is diagnosed with lung cancer in the USA. In California alone, every second person will get cancer at one point or another in their lives. Now more than ever we need updates on the progress being made in all areas of health and science.

Now, leading the way with An Honorable Cause, we have the potential to share the breakthroughs that are happening on an almost daily basis. Research is leading to many scientific advancements that can potentially offer a longer and healthier life.

We feel that anti-aging discoveries and cancer research go hand in hand, due to the fact that leading an anti-aging lifestyle may prevent cancer in the first place. On the other hand, becoming a cancer survivor may lead to anti-aging lifestyle choices. In addition to these healthy lifestyle choices is Neuroscience or its related field, Quantum Physics, which teaches us about the way we think, the mystery of the brain and the mind will empower you to lead a purpose driven life! Energy flows where attention goes! Thinking in certain ways can influence your entire life and one minute can literally change everything if you allow it to! Understanding these three concepts and using them is An Honorable Cause!

Progress in our daily lives would not be possible without the vast amount of research that is spent in creating ways for us to look and feel as young and dynamic as possible. In recent years there have been significant achievements in determining how a human being can fight off the effects of age at the cellular level.

Whether it’s a breakthrough formula for a healthy, replenishing juice, a cream or topical product that brings a youthful grow to your skin, a meditative therapy that teaches us how to slow down the aging processes in our DNA, or a laser device in the right hands (see our list of Products and Services), these discoveries are the efforts that bring out the best in us as human beings and allow us to look better while leading healthy and productive lives.

Academia is the single most important factor in the field of anti-aging. Without a vast amount of research and investments, new information and reliable discoveries would be impossible. And, we are dedicated right alongside many good-will companies (as shown under Sponsors of Research) to bring you Academia and making sure that research never stops, but instead it is continually increasing for the betterment of all of us. THAT is An Honorable Cause!

Live Your Life Every Day as if it was Your Last One, – Because One Day it Will Be. And in THAT, we are all ONE together!


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